Registration at LibO after OpendID stops

I received some weeks ago a note from OpenID that they will shut down their operation in about 12 (?) month. As there is not direct registration for this site, I used OpenID because I don’t want to use FB, Twiter, etc for privacy reasons.

How can OpenID users login when OpenID stops operation?

Looking at the discussions on the login topic:


I am still wondering what will be provide.

I personally hope and kindly ask that a direct registration at LibO becomes possible soon because I do not want to login via FB, Twitter etc.

Your answers and comments will stimulate the considerations and activities needed.

OpenID is an “open standard” used by “identity providers” (Wikipedia). It is more likely that your particular service provider is terminating their service e.g., e.g., MyOpenId is ending in February 2014 (articles about this recently appeared on The Register and Slashdot).

There are instructions on the Meta StackOverflow site about what to do in these cases. It is probably important that similar instructions are added to this site somewhere as the site administrators may have their own preference for how this matter is handled here. In simple terms you will need to select another OpenID provider. Some enterprising individuals set up their own domains as OpenID providers, so that they are personally in control of authentication.

@oweng - thanks for your explanations. How can I set up my own domain as an OpenID provider? I would use this for a group of friends who I converted to LibO

@ROSt53, the StackOverflow link above explains how to set up your own domain as an OpenID provider.