bad sign-up for this site. feedback..

Hi all. one hour later and ive finally signed up.

  1. I tried with AOL but AOL refused to verify this site and blocked it.

A few more comments are:

  1. it seems unreasonable to force people to use the open_id sign up method. There is no other option except similarly using a personal email address, and entering your personal password.

  2. it is customary to allow people to use a sign-up method per website. This is what i’d prefer. It is my opinion that this is essential.

  3. all this aside, I will take a breath, so I can actually start the topic I wanted to about an error I found in LibreOffice 4. (not sure if it is already documented.)

I am posting an answer to this feedback, even though it does not require one, in order to assist with closure. Thanks for your feedback. While I cannot personally assist you, I am sure the site administrators and moderators take these sorts of comments seriously. I have provided my understanding of the sign-in process for this site in a more recent answer. Others in a position of knowledge will no doubt comment as to the accuracy of my statements there.