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If I need to go up one directory and then down two, the following formulae works in excel.

In Libre I seem to need to create an absolute path with the drive letter specified, this creates problems with portability from one PC or OS to another. How best in Libre to achieve the same relativity. I have specified Save URLS as relative to file system, but still the drive letter remains, it is not referencing the directory TOP but the Drive letter. Perhaps I have missed something critical, and have tried to research this but came up empty handed.

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A similar question was answered at Can't get Libreoffice Calc to recognise relative hyperlinks.

Relative paths can be obtained by going to Insert → Hyperlink. The full path is shown; however, it is in fact saved as relative because the file can be moved and it still works.

Sadly, this does not work with the HYPERLINK function. Only absolute paths are possible. A workaround is to include the path to the current document, as explained at [Solved] Relative path for hyperlink (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum. For this formula to work, regular expressions must be enabled under Tools → Options → LibreOffice Calc → Calculate.


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Note that for URIs you have to use / forward slashes instead of \ backslash, independent of OS. Also, as this uses regular expressions it won’t work in Excel and other formula expressions / functions in your document that understand either wildcards or regular expressions will be affected as well by the Tools Options setting.

As a side note, the next version 6.2 may support relative references as URI references when clicking a HYPERLINK() result.

See commit e6b18c1d0f377e1295970b94bdf6b90739e13d4d by @erAck.

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