Remote Files, Google Drive, Error "The specified device is invalid"

I am unable to connect Google Drive to LibreOffice.

Error Message: “The specified device is invalid”

My Environment:
LibreOffice Version:, Build ID:, Fedora 29 Workstation 64-bit, Gnome Desktop 3.30.2, Google G Suite, 2-Step Authentication

Actions Taken:
Open LibreOffice Calc. Select “File>Open Remote…”. Choose Google Drive from the “Add service” drop down menu. Enter user and password. Prompted for 6-digit code. Enter 6-digit code from Google Authenticator. Receive error message “The specified device is invalid”.

Additional Information:
I have tried to enter the 6-digit authentication code provided by the Google Authenticator for 2-Step authentication and I have tried to use a Google App-Specific code, but both produce the same error message in LibreOffice.

I have the same problem in LibreOffice Version:

There is a reported bug tdf#101630 - Google Drive two-factor authentication (2FA) not working again

Hi, I’ve faced so many times extract problem please try to sing out and login again your gmail account.

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I too need some help! I am unable to configure LibreOffice to get and save to GoogleDrive. It keeps on referring to the “Google Drive asks for authentication 6-digit pin” but no pin is sent/received. I have tried with and without Google’s 2-Step Verification, but no luck. I see a number of online forums highlight this. Is there any possibility this will be able to be configured and work? I rely heavily on saving and editing documents on GoogleDrive locations and using LibreOffice. GoogleDoc has a few limitations for me. Any guidelines will help.

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I too have the same problem. Mine is LibreOffice x64.
LibreOffice can connect to the internet, there’s no firewall blocking, because it does connect to check for updates.
But it is not able to authenticate.
Initially I too was wondering where that 6 digit pin would come from. And maybe there would be a notification on the phone, or SMS, something. Nothing came.
I checked online, and people said enable 2 step verification, and set up Authenticator, which I did. And I used the 6 digit password from Authenticator too. Tried it more than once after the Authenticator refreshed the PIN. But still it gives the same Error Message. “The Specified Device is Invalid”.
And I am not able to figure out how to go ahead. Any help would be so welcome.

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You could had followed the link pointing to the bug in the answer by mariosv. Google keeps changing the API and devs have to keep up with that. In short, upcoming LibreOffice should have support again. See that bug’s comment 82 for restrictions on what will work.