Remove gray color of non-breaking spaces in Writer

These are gray spaces that appear when I write in French. There, a such non-breaking space is required between a word and certain punctuation marks like the colon and guillemets:

image description

These spaces are automatically introduced even if Space key is not used, and are colored in gray even if the Space key is used.

The solution that I have seen mentioned on this site of replacing those non-breaking characters with normal spaces seems awkward. Isn’t there a setting for just not coloring at all those spaces in the first place?

Does the gray show up when printed ? I confirm LO shows the gray, but haven’t tried printing.

@rautamiekka - me neither but I don’t think so.


You can disable with ViewField Shadings or you can do ToolsOptionsLibreOfficeApplication ColorText DocumentField shadings (untick, choose a color…).


Thank you!

thanks bro