"Reply" button is needed for *comments*

There is not convenient (and obvious) how to reply to a comment, esp. in a long comment thread (one needs to scroll up to the question or answer, under which the comments appear; or one needs to select something in the previous comment to get a “quote” option that replies to the comment). It results in a mess, when people write comments and answers randomly.

This is aggravated by the misfeature to allow multiple answers per user to a question…

This is further aggravated by lack of indication inside the composer box, not allowing to see when typing which item you are creating (a comment or an answer)…

This is aggravated even more by still missing text on the “Answer” button, suggesting that “Answer” is in fact “Suggested solution”.

Agreed, this was not configurable unfortunately but the patch was trivial.

Is this desired? We had a test period for a reason :frowning: Anyway, that’s not configurable either but probably not hard to hardcode.

Hmm this used to work, need to investigate why it doesn’t anymore.

Uh “still”? Where and when was this requested? Can’t even parse this, you want to replace the word “Answer” with “Suggest solution” and the tooltip accordingly? This is a trivial fix, for English at least.

This needs discussing. I abuse my request (that you write you patched - thank you! need to wait I assume, since I don’t see a button yet) to mention my pet issues :slight_smile: And I did start such a discussion there on testing instance IIRC - and even if not, forgive me. Anyway, you surely didn’t expect that testing would resolve all future questions/requests? I’m just a stupid user :wink:

The rationale here is that if we have Q&A sections, those sections are intended to have a question there, and provide solutions. Discussions dilute the solutions, and make the Q&A not a useful resource for users who need a clean solution to their similar problem. One answer per user means that one returns to the answer and incrementally increases the solution, and interim discussions/clarifications are done in comments, instead of abusing answering to discuss something, making answers category useless.

Just to make it clear: there is some indication - like this:


But this arrow to @guilhem does not tell me if this is a comment or an answer that I’m typing to you. Of course, it might become familiar to regulars here - but not to any newbie, i.e. those who are most likely to make mistakes, and those who need most clear indications.

Ah, I see now that It seems like we may now introduce sub-directories under English for Writer, Calc etc - #4 by ajlittoz was not a separate request. Indeed, I myself approached you once back in the dawn of a time, when we used the old site, to ask you to rename the answer to “suggest your solution”; and the same request holds here: the “Answer” blue button there in Q&A sections should be worded “Provide your solution” or the like, as much as possible to stress that there, the answer is supposed to resolve the OP’s question, not to chat.

This one:


Hehe I wish it did but I know it doesn’t work that way :slight_smile: It’s quite possible a discussion started then, but if a consensus was reached and an action item handed over then I missed it. Anyway, no harm done, doesn’t seem like a hard thing to implement at first glance.

Right, I believe the icon used to match what the user used to reply: the arrow for answers (which we might want to change to replace with an empty checkbox or something no?) and the comment icon for comments.

Oh, my memory doesn’t go that far then :slight_smile: Changed it accordingly here as well (for English only, for other categories people unhappy with the wording can suggest a replacement too). You might need to temporarily disable your browser cache, reload the page, and then re-enable the cache to see the change — or just wait a week or so for the cache to expire. I for one find the button a bit ugly because it’s so large compared to the other ones (I believe mobile users will only see the icon though so not a big deal); let’s see if someone comes up with an even better wording :wink:

Managed to adjust icons and labels accordingly, it’s hopefully clearer now.