RFC: Do we need to limit number of **answers** in Q&A sections (e.g., English)?

Let me start repeating "Reply" button is needed for *comments* - #3 by mikekaganski :

So the question here is: would it be preferable to revert to the old Ask site’s “one answer per user” behavior (which, by the way, was not enforced there from the start, but was established later, because older Q&A there used to have several answers per user), or do we want to keep current behavior allowing one user to post answers multiple times?

  • Let’s have a single answer per user, as on old Ask site
  • Let’s allow multiple answers per user, as it is at the moment here

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Can we have single answer for new users and multiple answers for regulars?
(however new and regular are to be defined).
Because over time a better or at least different answer than the already given (and maybe upvoted) could be provided. (not sure if that actually would happen, but…). Otherwise an upvoted or accepted as solution answer would have to be edited, which sounds wrong to me.

@guilhem May we proceed now with this? I don’t expect more opinions/votes here soon; and it would be nice if we could implement the suggestion of @erAck for TL4 users. Or if that’s impossible easily, then just limit all - it worked previously, and conceptually should be OK IMO.

Patch welcome, otherwise I’ll put that on my TODO list :slight_smile:

TODO works nice :smiley: Thanks.