Request to add an option - hiding the deleted text in track change mode

Can libreoffice add this feature in future version of write?
Hiding the deleted text and show it in the right (or left) margin? similar to that of MS office (I like the format in office 2003).

Libre office is now nearly perfect, it would be nice if the track change can improve a bit.

This feature is highly needed for people who need to edit and share documents with MS office users.

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It has been requested not long ago: Bug 140327 - Please add an option for deletions to disappear in Track Changes mode rather than be replaced by a strikethrough.

You have my vote, it is indeed very handy in MS Word.

Edit: note that the feature is available from 7.1. However, it still displays the deleted text in the margin. Almost there but still not acceptable to release the final document with track changes marks.

You may edit your question title to clarify your need (maybe the current behavior with the deleted text in the margin is acceptable for you).

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Hagar, thanks for your quick answer.
I am using the latest, but I don’t see an option to hide the deleted text from the paragraph and show it only in the margin (from “Options - Libreoffice Writer - changes” , I am currently using strikethrough as you) , is there another place to change the setting?

Yes, see the bug report attachment ( it is in Options > LO Writer > View and in the lower part of the dialog, check the option Tracked deletions in margin, in the section Display track changes.

Just tried that, but it is not we want, the deleted text is not hiding from the paragraph. I will change the title to make the request more clear.

Yes, that’s what I thought. Will modify the bug report also if no news on that side.

Implemented in