Resetting page numbers in Writer

I want to be able to reset page numbers and page counts in a single document in Writer. Example: I generate a document with several envelopes that appear at the beginning of a document. When I insert page numbers in the footer of the first page of the actual document along with a page count, both are thrown off due to the envelopes that precede the real document. How can I set the page numbering and count to reflect only the real document pages and ignore the envelopes?

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Since your document contains several significantly different parts, you must define corresponding page styles. At least, you need two: one for the envelope parts, on for the bulk text.

You transition from one part to the next with a page break (either manual or implicit through some paragraph style) where you specify the next page style. Simultaneously, you request resetting page number to 1. This will take care of “correct” page numbering.

To my knowledge, there is no way to change page count: it is a global variable for all created pages whether numbered or not.

My best advice would be to separate envelopes from content, which would solve your dilemma. In my opinion, your text has a more “permanent” state than your envelopes. You are very likely to add more envelopes during the lifetime of your document. Eventually, you could use the mail-merge feature to conveniently generate your envelopes with a very short (practically unchangeable) generic envelope “description” paired with a list of addressees (a CSV file, spreadsheet, DB or even a simple text file).

Keep these files (document, envelope, evt. addressees) grouped in a dedicated directory. Creating a directory is nowadays very easy and cheap. This directory will afterwards be your unit for moving, duplicating, deleting your work.

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I have a similar situation. I want each chapter page numbers to appear in proper even odd order/format odd should be on the right. I’m makingg so many edits it keeps changing.

Plus, different docs doesn’t make sense will the index and table of contents still work? Plus,I’ve been changing the document name to document the version better. Which I’m also printing in the footer.

@pmheart6: these are 3 different questions:

  • how to configure page styles for correct parity? (you have a similar question somewhere else)
  • how to organize document management on my computer? (single file vs. several files) Here the answer is easy: unless you have specific requirements/needs, use only a single file. Writer works well up to ~750 pages at least.
  • how to reflect document version in text?

Ask them separately. I think the question about file breakthrough is already answered.