Resizing an image - reaches max?

I tried to resize an image to fill most of a letter-sized sheet. It will not resize as large as I want. The max the picture goes to is about 6 x 8.5 inches. How to enable the picture to be bigger? How can I get 8x10?

I think, same as in Cannot scale images to edges of paper size despite margins set to zero

The solution was to not use Libreoffice at all, but to download and use Libreoffice Portable.

It was easier for me just to use the GIMP image editor to print the image instead.

While the sentence is a contradiction in itself, it is only the selected answer by the questioneer. If you read a bit more, you could find other solutions.
Using an older version of LibreOffice was one possibility (therefore the idea to use LO6 portable in parallel). For LO7 you have to avoid anchor as character, if you wish to fill the page…

I had an earlier V7 release, but I installed the most recent release a few days ago thinking it might solve the problem.

re: “avoid anchor as character”
How to avoid that? When I drag in a picture to a blank page, the default anchor is ‘to character’. The anchor already is not ‘as character’.

I need to rotate 90 degrees, then I try to re-size, which is where this problem occurs.

There are only three anchor choices: 1) to paragraph, 2) TO character, and 3) AS character. All three choices have the similar limitation with regard to the re-sizing of the image. Or is there a way to turn off anchors altogether?

Let’s start with the end:

Use other software than Writer. The basic model is text with illustrations, supposed to move with text when paragraphs are added or removed. Graphics oriented software like gimp or Draw have other Workflows, as well as DTP tools.

Anchor to page is a bit hidden on purpose, as it often creates problems/misunderstanding with the typical use-case. But you may find the answer in the already cited link in the comment by mariosv, and if you create only a one-page doc this will not cause problems.

So you have to change this after inserting…

Thanks. I read that earlier, but somehow, I could not notice/comprehend the options that were being shown.

This also worked for me:

If I dragged my existing 3000x2280 image and rotated it, the resizing would only go so far. Fail!

If I used GIMP to rotate and create a bigger image (2432x3200) and dragged it in to LibreOffice, then the resizing slightly within LibreOffice worked.

I suppose if the image size is already beyond whatever the limit of a character size is, then LibreOffice allows it.