Cannot scale images to edges of paper size despite margins set to zero

In Microsoft Word I am able to scale images up to the edges of the paper if I set the margins to zero. In writer, however I have an image which I set “Anchor As Charcater” and set all the margins (top, right, left, bottom, gutter) to zero but I am unable to scale the image up the edges when I grab it on the lower right corner to drag. I can drag the middle right handle and stretch it to the right edge, but it does not let me stretch it using the middle bottom handle. The Footer is off.

image-not-scaling-to-bottom-edge.odt (343.0 KB)

I suppose that the Footer is switched ON. That requires some space on the bottom of the page. Try to switch it OFF. Use different Page Style if you need a full page image on one or a few page only.

(please upload a real (ODF) sample file - if the problem is not solved.)

Hey thank you so much for your prompt response. I checked the Footer & Header, they are both not ticked on. I attached a sample .odt file.

Works in my LO6.4.7 portable version, but not in the permanently installed LO 7.4.6.

Ok so I guess it’s the same problem in my version 7.5

So it’s a bug I guess which I should report? So I will have to downgrade to version 6 then?

If you are using Windows, then you can install a Portable LibreOffice near the newer version - if you not always need this feature.

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Thank you for your assistance! Highly appreciated. I have one last question. Do you think I should report this as a bug?

Yes, it is seems to be a bug.
I am surprised, because there is not “Anchor to page” option is the newer versions. I can not decide, if it is a concept, or it is some bug, too.
You can report it (with a clear, detailed description, and with a sample file):

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It’s not a bug. As @ajlittoz states, it depends on the anchor as character setting. If you set the page size as A4, the graphic covers the entire page.

You should only use anchor as character for an image when you want to let it behave as part of the text where you insert it - so that it moves along in the paragraph when you add text before it. For that reason, it makes perfect sense to limit the height of a graphic anchored as character to something less than a normal page height.


Unfortunately it’s the only solution to Cannot scale images to edges of paper size despite margins set to zero - #11 by johndow

Right-click – Properties – Anchor to page is available.
Extend to the bottom edge, is then possible.

If Anchor to page is chosen, there is no need to extend the image to force next on a subsequent page because this mode attaches a frame to a specific page. But as I mentioned in my answer, it might be simpler to do the job with Draw.

Why not available this function from the other menus in the newer version of the LO?

@Zizi64 tdf#135836 and tdf#140702

Thank you!

The problem here comes from your choice of As character anchor mode. You turn your image into a character. It is then managed just like any other character with the same constraints, notably maximum font size. From experiment, it looks like font size cannot exceed ~4000 pt, which is around 23 cm.

In other anchor modes, your image remains a graphical object external to text flow and is therefore constraint-free with full positioning and size freedom.

If your screenshot shows your image as being some text, scaling it will degrade aspect of this text. You should rather recreate a standard text. If it comes from PDF, PDF readers (not Draw) generally provide features to copy text, though it is “polluted” by spurious paragraph breaks at end of every lines which you must manually remove.


Hello thank you for your response! Unfortunately “Anchor As Character” is supposedly the only solution to this thread: Writer - How to put image side by side without overlapping?

My issue is that I want Libre office to behave exactly like Microsoft Word where I drag bond paper sized images into the document and then be able to print them as one document or export them as PDF. In Libre office they will all overlap and it is super tedious if not impossible to move them to separate pages. In MS word i just drag the images and automatically everything positions each bond paper sized image to one page. Apparently Anchor As Character is the only way to achieve this behavior.

No, this is not the only way to put images side by side though it is the simplest only if you use this anchor mode for what it was intended for: insert weird “characters” into text flow.

You can have several non-overlapping images (frames) side by side in anchor modes other than As character. But this requires a sophisticated approach with a specifically crafted frame style.

The layout I was challenged to was to insert margin notes (similar to footnotes but in the left margin aside the anchor location). You can have several margin notes in the same paragraph and the frames are of course required not to overlap. Settings in the frame style were configured with Allow overlap unticked so that Writer automatically shifts the new frame. With this style, you only apply it to the note frame without the need to manually adjust. This is user-friendly.

It works fine with vertical shifting. I didn’t try for horizontal shifting but it is probably only a matter of correctly configuring the style.

Back to your task: I think you didn’t describe accurately the expected result and your source data. If they are all images and you want these images on separate pages, use Draw (or in a lesser extent Impress). In Draw you precisely control the location of your images as you allocate “pages” as needed and position freely the image within the page.

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This is not quite true; the UI limit for font size is 1000 pt (pt=1/72in), which is about 35 cm already.
IMO, the vertical size limitation in as-char mode needs reporting as a bug, and there we can learn if it’s a bug or not (there may be some additional reason for the limitation).

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