retrieving spreadsheet document after computer crash

I close a spreadsheet document that I had not saved. Is their a method to find the document thru history?

Look here, if settings are available for you:

File Backup

Your question is confusing and this affects the answer. Your title says “…after computer crash” (which leaves the chance that there is a remainder of your file within a temporary directory), while your description says “I close a spreadsheet document …”, which sounds like a executing a “designed action on purpose” and which would have deleted any temporary copy of your file being edited.

If it really was a **computer crash**, which (of course) also closed your document and LibreOffice:
  • Check Tools -> Options -> Paths for “Temporary Files” to evaluate the directory where temporary files go to
  • Use your file management tool (if you are on Windows: File Explorer)
  • Move to the directory you found in first step
  • Watch for directory named similar to lu22280kcy0v8.tmp (just an example here)
  • Check for files within that directory (they all have the extension .tmp but can be opened using LibreOffice)

If you don’t find - no luck.