Return a value if two dates match

Is there a formula to resolve the following?
When the date in sheet2 columnA matches the date in sheet1 columnA then return the value in sheet1 columnB.
The dates in sheet1 are weekly (every Saturday) but the dates in sheet2 are monthly (first Saturday of the month).
The result is to appear in sheet2.

You can use index and match. See here in the example document.
Return a value if two dates match.ods

Good luck


Many thanks for your quick response.
I actually wanted to copy the value in sheet 1 to a cell in sheet 2.
However, your answer gave me all the information I needed and I transposed your formula from =IFERROR(INDEX($Sheet2.B:B,MATCH(A1,$Sheet2.A:A,0)),"") to =IFERROR(INDEX($Sheet1.B:B,MATCH($A1,$Sheet1.$A:$A,0)),"").
Once again this forum came up trumps.
You do not get this quality of support from Microsoft.
Problem solved.