Suggestion: improve visibility of answers

Discourse’s Q&A categories, even though somewhat try to resemble what AskBot and other Ask sites look like, still look very much like a standard forum, which undermines the emphasis on obtaining a clearly identifiable set of solutions.

In addition to RFC: Do we need to limit number of **answers** in Q&A sections (e.g., English)?, I suggest that we increase visibility of solutions in Q&A categories of the site if possible, by the following:

  • Collapse all comments initially (except where a link navigates to a specific comment). This makes a Q&A to open showing just a question and the list of possible solutions.
    • Problem: currently here is a problem that navigating to a comment which is under a collapsed section does not automatically expand the collapsed area. This might need to be solved first.
  • Disallow marking comments as solutions. This should make it mandatory that the final solution is either edited into the answer under which the helpful comment appeared, or to be transformed to a proper answer itself.