Ribbon interface

I know a lot of people hate the ribbon interface. But I like it, and I really miss it. I’m sorry, but I do, and I’ve been using LO for some time now.
Is there a possibility for an addon to get the Ribbon interface?
Please, I’m begging, don’t put the “you’ll get used to it” answer or the “menus are best, you just need to get used to them” answer. No I won’t, and no they’re not. Not for me, anyway.
In any case, it seems a no-brainer. When people are transitioning from MSO, they want something familiar, not to have to relearn a ton of stuff. An addon seems like the answer, because it offers choice.

The NotebookBar feature is available in LibreOffice 5.3 in addition to the existing toolbar options. If gives some other options for those who like this type of layout. I personally prefer the sidebar (PF11 to turn this on or off).

To enable the Notebookbar. On my Linux version of LibreOffice.
Select TOOLS > OPTIONS > ADVANCED > Enable experimental Options (WARNING this is experimental and may be unstable) > OK and then RESTART LIBREOFFICE.
Other versions of LibreOffice, especially Mac systems, may access the OPTIONS Menu via a different path.


To turn off the feature go back to VIEW > TOOLBAR LAYOUT > DEFAULT / SINGLE TOOLBAR / SIDEBAR as normal.

Have fun and happy new year… Peter

To enable the Notebookbar. Select TOOLS > OPTIONS > ADVANCED > Enable experimental Options

Nonsense. This is copied from the documentation that is wrong. There is no such option under the Tools menu. Proof: Two screenshots of Tools menu. The first is from the toplevel of LibreOffice. The second is from Writer. neither has a selection called “Options”.


If you are not using a Linux version of LibreOffice, especially Mac you may need a different path to access the Option menu.

@petermau is correct - Note for Mac OS X users: The Help mentions the menu path Tools - Options at numerous places. Replace this path with LibreOffice - Preferences on your Mac OS X main menu. Both menu entries open the Options dialog box. This is taken from the Offline help file.

Would you be willing to pay for it? Because Microsoft owns a patent on the ribbon interface, so it’s probably not possible to create and distribute a cost-free re-implementation in the United States. Here are more details (scroll down to oweng’s answer):

Looks like in version 5.3 there will be - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/12/microsoft-office-ribbon-ui-coming-libreoffice

Don’t see it in v5.3 (except traces in source code). v5.4 has some experimental changes in the toolbars but nothing for the menu.

Ribbon is the next-gen UI developed by the LO team. It is more “condensed” and organized than the actual one. Actually a similar UI, attempt for a more usable with laptop an large monitors, is the Sidebar, a preview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdgKV...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdgKVJaCtpQ

If LibreOffice introduces a ribbon interface I will abandon LibreOffice on that day. Take your extremely bad and selfish ideas elsewhere!

on the opensource spirit and basis, when LO will introduce that UI, I am sure you will be able to roll-back to the standard one