Ruby base text invisible!

A while back I started annotating some text in an Irish dialect, using ruby to show variant words in standard spelling. Today when I opened the document (in I found that the base text is invisible.

I can’t see that there is anything special about the formatting and changing fonts, removing formatting, changing line spacing and removing styles makes no difference. Some of them started out with comments as well, but even those without comments are also invisible.


2021-09-04 LibreOffice invisible ruby 1


<text:ruby text:style-name="Ru1">

2021-09-04 LibreOffice invisible ruby 2


<text:ruby text:style-name="Ru1">
        <text:span text:style-name="T13">F</text:span>
        <text:span text:style-name="T11">uaigh</text:span>

If I create a new document, then it seems to work, but there is nothing I can see that’s different about the markup.

2021-09-04 LibreOffice invisible ruby 3


<text:ruby text:style-name="Ru1">

Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?

Is there a particular style applied to the base text? Document was always saved as .odt?
Can you share a (maybe) reduced sample file showing the problem?
And share your operating system.

There is a style applied to the base text, but as I said removing it or changing to Default Paragraph Style makes no difference.

The document has only ever been in .odt format, but saving it as .docx and reopening it does make one of the words reappear.

In trying to make a shorter version plus a shorter version from scratch, I have discovered something else that makes text disappear — setting the ruby alignment to anything other than Left. Once that’s done there doesn’t seem to be any way to get text to reappear, i.e. changing back to Left achieves nothing.

Looking at the XML these settings are stored as internal styles. Changing the style in the XML fixes the problem, but I’m guessing that changing it in the Ruby GUI is not actually changing the underlying style.

Comparing the XML of my two test files (cut down original vs. new) the one where the text disappears has centred ruby, but the new one has left.

It seems that ruby is a bit broken at the moment.

My OS is Manjaro btw.

Mártan an Bhradáin Ghil - sampla.odt (sample of original) (14.9 KB)
teist.odt (test new doc) (14.6 KB)

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This works fine with, but demonstrates the problem that you describe on - please file a bug report.

Once that’s done there doesn’t seem to be any way to get text to reappear, i.e. changing back to Left achieves nothing.

Actually I just didn’t understand that to change the alignment you also have to click in Ruby Text box before changing the alignment. Very unintuitive.

In tdf#144305, please make sure to attach a sample! :slight_smile: And you may also provide a link to this discussion there for context.

Thanks for filing!