Rulers and tabs in Calc cells

I am used to a different computer (RISCOS) and spreadsheet (!FireWorkz) so what I’m trying to do, and I could do easily on my old system, may not be possible in LibreOffice Calc (I’m using a Mac now), but it appears to allow it, and then the effect has disappeared when I next load the file, which is frustrating.
The first thing is I can’t seem to get any rulers or tab positions in Calc. Does it not have them? I am not talking about a table in LibreOfiice Writer here, I am using the full spreadsheet, Calc, but in those cells which contain text I want to be able to use the rulers and tabs to layout the text in that cell as I want it, like you would in a word processor.
I found a key combination (shift-option-tab) that appeared to allow me to insert tabs in a cell, so I saved the file, and I thought all was well. However, when I next loaded the file, all the tabs in the cells were missing, and sometimes appeared to have been replaced by spaces, but other times the two lots of text were joined, so the text was now misaligned. I’ve taken screenshots of the results with the tabs inserted and the way the cells appear when I next load the file, if anyone wants to see them. I don’t know if I can post small graphics here. Note, not only the tabs have disappeared, but also the grey attribute has reverted to black.
Does anyone have any idea why I can’t display rulers, or set tabs and have them remain? Thanks.

Because a spreadsheet is not a word processor.

Maybe you want to increase the indent?

Otherwise, you might need to add additional columns or rows, possibly using a border, to show what you need to display. Generally tabs = cells

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Thank you for your suggestion, and to erAck for the replies to my query. They have told me what I really needed to know, and that it is the features which I have in my old computer and software are not available in this spreadsheet, so I won’t waste any more time looking for a setting which I thought I simply had not found. I know exactly what I want, which is not more cells, or borders etc. and I will simply continue to use my old softer to obtain the spreadsheets with the look and layout I want.
Thanks also for explaining how I could upload a small graphics file, but I won’t bother in this case as I now have the answer anyway from you both. Kindly, Roy

It sounds like you should use Writer. If your table is large you can define a very large page such as A0 size (841 x 1189 mm) or up to 3 metres by 3 metres.

Fireworkz is a text editor as far as I can tell so the equivalent in LibreOffice is Writer, see Fireworkz basics

What is Fireworkz?

Fireworkz can be used as a word processor to write letters, reports, books, invitations, shopping lists, schedules and other documents. It can also be used as a spreadsheet to perform calculations, analyse figures, and produce colourful charts. Best of all, these features can be combined in one document, enabling you to do much more; incorporate live results in your reports, or perform an automatic mail-merge to your friends or customers, for example.

Fireworkz | Colton Software

Fireworkz can be used natively on RISC OS or Microsoft® Windows®. It can be also used under emulation (using RPCEmu) on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS.

No, FireWorkz is one program which is a combined word processor, spreadsheet and more, which was originally produced by Mark Colton, who was unfortunately killed in a racing accident, but was a brilliant program and can still be used today. See also the answer from Colton Software.
As regards using a larger page such as A0 or even A3, then I could not print one out on my A4 printer. Using FireWorkz and by using it’s features, I can still produce what I need and keep it in an A4 size, with the layout I want. I have been using spreadsheets for many years and professionally produced large 3D workbooks in Lotus 123, using the inbuilt Macros and Scripts, to automate them for users who knew nothing about spreadsheets except how to input the data. All the cells except where data input was required were locked to stop any corruption of the program, and these 3D workbooks were up to over a 100 sheets deep at times, yet the size of the files were still relatively small. Excel by comparison was not a patch on Lotus 123, IMHO, and unfortunately since Lotus has gone, all the other spreadsheets like OpenOffice and LibreOffice are often almost clones of Excel, so work very similar and simply will not do what I could do in Lotus 123. I know, I spent a lot of time trying over a few years.
What I’m saying is that I know how to program in spreadsheets, including quite complex ones, and I know exactly what I want for certain applications, and FireWorkz is brilliant as it combines the features of Word Processor and Spreadsheets which can be very useful. Now I have a copy of LibreOffice I am trying to find out just how good it is and what features it can provide, but this particular one of rulers including tabs in cells it cannot. That’s fine now I know, but I needed to know if it was just something I had not found or whether it was just not available. Now I have found this limitation, I will continue with FireWorkz where appropriate, but thanks for your further thoughts.