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I have a crystal decisions report in a VB.Net application that is currently exporting to Excel. I have been asked to change this to export to LibreOffice because our customers are generally NFP homes. But, I cannot work out how to export / save as LibreOffice instead of Excel, The windows dialog will save a crystal object with excel format options. How can I make that save as use LibreOffice options? Thanks for all / any help…


Are you sure that this is the right place to ask? It is a questions-and-answers site for LibreOffice users. is not a part of LibreOffice. You’d better ask in a dedicated forum.

I cannot find a dedicated forum anywhere. I had hoped the LibreOffice world would have some information about the libraries that other products could use to export to a LibO format. The source is Crystal Reports and I cannot find anywhere from there how to export from Crystal to LibO. The Excel export from Crystal calls call on ExelFormatOptions fro the crystal FormatType. I am hoping to find the Eqwuivalent for LibreOffice

This is not a VB question. This is a crystal reports question with LibreOffice requirement. The app (could be any language) uses Crystal Decisions to output data to hopefully a LibreOffice destination, But how does Crystal output to LibreOffice?

And what are those crystal reports and Crystal Decisions? How do they relate to LibreOffice? Read these guidelines and ask a better question. Of course, there is a chance that someone here knows about them too, but I would not count on it. Be as detailed as possible.

Hi gabix. Thank you for getting back to me - I’m sorry for being so vague. Crystal is a reporting engine that is now owned by SAP, It gets data from pretty much any source and has libraries that allow it to be used from within most things to output to any format. My biggest problem is what is the question I should be asking! The is always the problem… What should I be asking? :slight_smile: Thanks gabix.

Frankly, I can’t figure any further advise. SAP is non-free software, and unless they decide to implement the desired export option, you can’t do anything. But why not use generated Excel files? LibreOffice opens them without any problem in most cases.

We provide management software to care homes who are not for profit. Unfortunately, there are licensing issues with anything Microsoft / SAP as you say. We are able to generated the SAP output, we have sorted that out, but the Output to Excel is beyond the financial means of most of the homes. (we are in over 700 residential homes.)

I know mine has been a nuisance question. Sorry about that, but thanks for you help there gaxbix.