Saving data to the cloud with baserow support in Calc

I would like to create a plugin in calc to save and synchronize calc data in Baserow. Where can I find more information on how to create a plugin in calc?

Example curl baserow

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -i --data '{
  "name": "Bram",
  "email": "",
  "password": "your_password"


my idea

Calc(local) <—> Baserow(cloud)

draft idea: scenario

  1. Spreadsheet data is saved in the cloud.
  2. The visual styles that make up the spreadsheet stay with me in a local hd(hard disk) or on Google Cloud with ubuntu. Where can I have a history of changes about what I changed in terms of formatting( local with hd or google cloud).
  3. This scenario in my view is the best scenario, because if I lose the formatting files, I still have the raw data I need. Because this data is saved and synchronized in the cloud.
  4. The purpose of creating a calc plugin for this is to integrate LibreOffice with Baserow.


Maybe this can be helpful:
py3o.template · PyPI

Welcome to py3o.template’s documentation! — py3o.template 0.9.10 documentation

example · branch/default · florent.aide / py3o.template · GitLab

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Starting points could be the wiki’s Macros page and Macros for Calc examples.

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is there how to use curl in a macro or create a macro with python?

On that very wiki page look for Python as a macro language?

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What do you think of this idea? Does it make sense to do a separate data sync?