Scorekeeper in Impress

Hello, I am working on creating a trivia game for some friends and trying to put in a scorekeeper that keeps the same over slides. From what I’ve figured out so far, the best way to do this is to use macros and create a shape with text that will adjust on the click of a button, but haven’t had any success getting it to work. Guessing this is a pretty simple thing, but haven’t found much documentation on the code to help.


Screenshot 2023-01-27 123840

Here is example how to control the elements in Slide, but I didn’t discover how to refresh the elements when the Presentation is running. Maybe it isn’t possible :-(.

Run the presentation and press Arrow, it will do nothing, but when you finish the presentation you will see the changed score in Impress
impress-buttons-click.odp (22.2 kB)

I moved the boxes to the master. But it will refresh only every second page.
impress-buttons-click_2.odp (31.1 KB)