Scroll bars missing

I had LO installed by Xubuntu 16.04-6, and I had scroll bars. The other day I did a dist-upgrade to Xubuntu 18.04, resulting in LO 6.1.something, and all scroll bars disappeared from LO, even in floating toolbars (I keep them off to the right). After searching here and all over the net for a solution, I found the suggestion to add Vertical Scroll Bar and Horizontal Scroll Bar to the File > menu. I did so, but they do not work; I can click on the menu entry and nothing happens, not even a check mark next to the menu item.

After my complete failure to find a solution I uninstalled all the LO packages from the Ubuntu repositories and downloaded from here. After installing it I find that all the scroll bars are still missing everywhere. The scroll wheel on the mouse works, and I can PgDn and PgUp, but those are my only navigation options.

I hope someone can come up with a solution. All suggestions gratefully received!


Try changing the Theme on your system. For example, on Ubuntu 18.04, if I choose Raleigh controls the scroll bars are gone.

If I go into Tools > Options > Personalization I see six ‘themes,’ but all are just colorings for the page, and none have names. I see no options to add any additional themes. There were 42 .deb files to install, but none seem to have anything to do with themes. If I go into Tools > Extension Manager I can find themes, but they are all just icon themes. If there are more themes somewhere I’ll give them a try, if only I can find them.

Or did you mean install a different theme for the entire desktop environment (xfce4)? All my other applications have scroll bars, so I don’t see how that could make any difference. Plus, changing the xfce4 theme would probably cause problems with other applications.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m still struggling. :frowning:

Sorry but not referring to LO themes but Xubuntu Themes (system). On Ubuntu it is under Control Center->Appearance. Here I can customize a Theme so as to change the controls as mentioned in first comment.

Since you have scroll bars in all your other aps this is most likely not the problem. For me it affects most but not all applications (strange).

Aha! Problem solved. By using the Adwaita theme for Xfwm4 I now have scrollbars. Thanks for the advice!