Search for Updates fails


since I’ve read about LO 3.5.1 I tried to update my LO 3.5 using the “Help > Search for Updates” function. After a few seconds I get the message, that the search for updates failed, and that the network connection to could not be etablished. My System is a Windows 7 (at office).

I also have a LO 3.5 on my Ubuntu device (at home). Here the update function works.

Any suggestions why it does not work on Windows? (Or may it be a problem with my companys network configuration e.g. firewall config)

Best regards

That works for me with LO 3.5.0 on WinXP 32b:


Under Windows, LibreOffice relies on the network connection parameters defined in the Internet Options (within Control Panel).

For safety reasons on your company network this may not include the proxy information.

It could also be the case that your company’s firewall is blocking any unlisted program to connect to the Internet.