Searching for Data Source Provider

I’m sure this question has been raised before but I could not find any answer to it

I have downloaded LibreOffice 5.3 running it on Windows 10 64 bit computer with Java 9.

When I try to convert a MS 2007 access file to Base I get a message “The connection to the data source “New Database3” could not be established” and “SQL Status: HY000
The connection could not be created. May be the necessary data provider is not installed.”

If I try to open an OpenOffice ODB in LibreOffice I get the same message.

Any information/help that will clarify what I may be doing wrong or need to do will be greatly appreciated.

LO and Java must both be the same bit size, i.e. both 32 bit or both 64 bit.

@BillC1: Please do not check “community wiki.” See guidelines for asking.

Look at: “How to connect to a Microsoft Access database

Now, if your proposed conversion of MS Access to Base would be a one shot action where you will be abandoning the MS Access program; you may consider (as one approach) exporting the MS Access database (Assuming it is not too complex) into a text file and then importing it into Base.