Seeing point values on a Calc line graph

Hi, first post, I’m sure you all play nicely!

I have a LibreOffice Calc document with a line graph chart in it. I seem to remember that in an earlier version of LIbreOffice then hovering over (or possibly clicking on) a single point would give me the x- and y-values of that point. However when I try and do this now it doesn’t seem to work. A bit of hunting around on this forum (and other places) suggests that if I put the chart into ‘edit’ mode then I can see the values of individual points. This does work but in a very hit-and-miss manner (it only seems to work on some points, not all of them.)

The graph I have gives a value over time and I’m looking for the ability to choose a point and see what the value was and the date on which that value was attained.

I’m using LibreOffice version on Linux Mint.

If anyone can help me then I’d be grateful. Thanks.

You can choose Edit on the chart contextual menu; or, if it is not yet selected, double click on the chart.

But there could be a bug:


Thanks. Yes, putting it into ‘edit’ works but it’s not very satisfactory; it seems to be hit-and-miss as to which points it works on. It works on some and not on others, and it’s difficult to get the mouse precisely on the point to get the data to show. (Inconsistent behaviour which is hard to explain.)

I was hence wondering whether there is a better method of doing this or something that I am missing, although it’s quite possible that this is the best answer there is.

Thanks for your help.

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Not with me: version on Windows 7.

Thanks. Clicking on some points seems to produce a pop-up with numbers (as desired), some points produce no pop-ups, some produce pop-ups some of the time. As I said, very inconsistent.

(And could well be down to ham-fistedness on my behalf, which is only my fault!)

Thanks again.

Would you share a reduced sample file that shows this issue to test on it? Thanks.