select line with a single click

This is a request for enhancement for Writer:

Coming from MS Word, it is extremely useful to be able to select a hole line of text just by left-clicking (once) to the left margin where it begins that’s very useful for quick format, apply styles, etc.

At the moment to select a line in Writer you have to (1)position the cursor at the beginning (2)left click and (3)then drag the mouse till the end. most of the times you end selecting more than a line. I know you can use keyboard shortcuts too, in which case the procedure is similar (Click the line + home + Shift-End)

I am using LibreOffice for the first time and find it useful, but will really appreciate that simple feature. If you could implement it, that will be great.

The line/paragraph selection is for me the most annoying thing with Libre Office.

You can triple-click anywhere in the line , and that will select the whole line .

It is not what you asked for ,but it’s an improvement to having to move the mouse .

Only valid when the sentence occupies one line. Triple click will select the sentence, not just the line.

It is very simple. Click and hold to the left of the row. In the position, drag the mouse down one line, done.

image description

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Or, to achieve the same thing without using the mouse:
From anywhere in the line, hit Home followed by Shift+Down Arrow.

thank you! this is very useful. it still does not work as well as the MS Word variant though :slight_smile:

If you select this way the last line of a paragraph, and change font effect, the beginning of the next paragraph will retain the new font effect until you erase some space or character of these paragraph.

Something similar happens when selecting on the right margin from the end of the previous paragraph.

For me, the closest option is: click - Shift+End.

LibreOffice 6.3.

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i’d like to bump this: this is one of the things that would make LO writer much more usable!

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Thanks @BigRAl your instruction (Dec '18) works for me
Thanks @moshe11 your instruction (Apr '16) works for me
Coming from MS word I missed this feature. I am very happy to find this thread and learn that feature is part of LO.