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Why Looks Exported Image (JPEG) Like This ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and by Changing Dimension. Pictures (Mostly) Don’t ReSize with. Tried To Fix Them but No Result :expressionless:

Please, explain step by step what are you doing. I can see that there are text floating (not just wheels) in your third image.

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How do you expect to receive help? We have no idea about your context (OS name, LO version and save format) nor your goal. Tou tagged draw while the screenshot suggests a spreadsheet (tag is then calc). You gave no details about the way you inserted the images, in particular their properties. The most important of them in your case is Anchor.

Edit your question (= modify it to avoid the need to track details across several comments) so that it is self-sufficient with all information allowing to reproduce the issue. Explain accurately what you want to achieve.

I Want Achieve Clear and ReSized Image Directly lol.

To Achieve That Like I Want (See Picture)
I Have To Export It To PDF, Press ,Presentation Mode" in Browser, Press PrintScreen, Copy/Paste in Adobe PhotoShop, Crop Manually and Take 200% or AnyOther Size I Want on Exit :neutral_face: Cost Too Much Time

We still have no idea about OS name, LO version and save format (.ods vs .xls(x)). You didn’t describe what you images are: JPEGs, TIFFs, others, … or a Draw diagram. You didn’t tell how you attached the images to the sheet? Copy & Paste? Import? Other? Which properties did you assign to these images?

On first thought (without details), I’ suggest to anchor your images To cell (with automatic resize). But to confirm, we desperately need more info.

Reminder: you’re instructed to edit your question, not to start a lengthy conversation. This is not a forum. It is a Question & Answers site where question are “always” editable.

Is It Important Which Save Format ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I Couldn’t Save This File WTF. OS Name ? Is It Not Forum For LibreOffice ? I Just Installed This Software Today For The First Time, Because I Wanted Simple Excel :upside_down_face:

Pictures Are .WEBP
Diagram IDK. Just Standard…
Attached Images [Insert/Image] Adjust To Cells, Yeah Anchor but NoOne Works Correct as ReSize in Export Mode :expressionless:

It’s LibreOffice Calc. I Just Select It All and Export That Select One as JPEG. lol

All suggested recipes are guaranteed only if you save .ods. Saving in foreign formats causes conversions with loss of information. When read back, you don’t retrieve the same exact contents as before. If you don’t want to tell, that’s your choice, but don’t complain.

LO has been ported under many OS’s, notably Window$, MacOS and Linux. There are subtle differences between platforms.

Yes. But as mentioned, there are differences between platforms and LO releases.

The right anchor mode is Anchor to cell (resize with cell). It is very important that the image be anchored to the correct cell. To page will fail.

If you still can’t make it, attach a reduced sample of your document.

For Example, Print PreView Looks (Always) Good.

Aaah, This OS :sweat_smile: It’s Windows… but Still, It Has Nothing To Do with Export Function lol. Same with Save Format.
Tried All 3 Anchors. Nope, Still Happening. It Makes Only Difference If You Copy/Paste Cells

Screenshots are worth nothing to diagnose problems. If you still don’t attach a reduced version of your document, consider this is my last contribution.
PS: we are no TDF officials. We are users just like you. We have no commitment nor obligation to help you. So be kind and grateful. We can see your screen. So if you don’t give clues, we can’t help you.

Satisfied Now ? :wink:
Test.ods (984.7 KB)

Your sample file behaves as expected with your To cell anchor. To cell (resize with cell) works too, but result doesn’t look great (because it doesn’t keep image ratio). But I can’t get the image centered in the cell. Positioning frames in Calc is less versatile then in Writer.

My configuration: Fedora 38 (Linux) with KDE Plasma desktop, LO

I didn’t see any computation in your table. Consequently, if it is only a matter of tabuler “text” presentation, you should use Writer which offers more formatting possibilities. Creating tables in Writer is more tedious than in Calc, but as long as you need no calculations, you have more “decoration” features. If your formulas are very simple (such as T-M), they can be managed in Writer. And with a trick+, you can even compute your U.

+ The trick is to store your extra mass in a separate row and draw borders only around the group U and extra mass, giving the illusion that they are a single cell.

PS: in the international system of units, K (uppercase) stands for Kelvin (a thermodynamic unit), while the thousand-multiplicator is k (lowercase)

Is Writer Not Just Word ? :thinking:and Calc is More Comfortable I Think. I Can Just Drag & Move Cells etc

Can We Say Now… It’s SoftWare ,Issue" ? :sweat_smile:

No, it is very different, though the general goal is the same. Writer principles are more “structured” and rigorous than those in Word. The final result is more power but you can reach this power only if you accept to forget everything you know in document processing and read the documentation. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn’t emphasise enough the use of styles and their role in “semantic styling”, which is not the same as “visual formatting” (this is the only mode available in Word).

In your case, you used Calc only because it offers natively a table, but this table is supposed to contain computations of related values. What I understand from your document is your goal to present “nicely” a set of data. They are tabular but don’t require complex computations, if any. So, styling your cells with a few well-designed styles would be as easy as using Calc. But this implies you already know how to use styles.

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First Time in This SoftWare :sweat_smile: Tried Microsoft Excel but It Was Too Complicated and Not User Friendly. Same with Google Excel :man_facepalming: Although Idea/Mind Behind It is Soo Simple :expressionless: The Difference is Like Easy Paint VS Adobe PhotoShop :roll_eyes:

Applications nowadays are becoming more and more complex because hardware no longer limits creativity. Even FOSS (free & open-source software) reaches business quality. This is the case for LO. It allows very very sophisticated formatting and layout of documents. You can’t benefit from this power in a 5-minute trial. If you find LO “interesting”, take time to read the documentation. The task may seem boring because official documentation is not a tutorial. Bruce Byfield’s book is much better on this side. Reading the document and pondering on it is not a waste of time. On the contrary. But the real key to success is to structure your mind and your approach. Find the intrinsic consistency in your data (be it numbers or text), think about what you want to communicate and select what is important and relevant in your data. Then work on this part.

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Given that export to pdf is different it is probably a bug. The finder of a bug should report it in the appropriate place, see How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki

After making the bug report, please post the bug number here in form of tdf#123456 so it will create a link. Cheers, Al

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Try this:

  • select and copy cells in Calc
  • insert in Draw (paste special) as GDI
  • export selected GDI object from Draw to bitmap (here: PNG)
  • while exporting: set the resolution from 96 to 300 and enlarge again to original sizes

Result is IMHO a better quality than your proceeding:

And yes: Regrettably there is no single and simple way to direct export to raster graphics. :cry: