selected portrait but prints in bad landscape?

I am running LibreOffice Vanilla
A simple spreadsheet is set to print in portrait mode. It prints in a bad version of landscape.
However, the export to pdf works as expected and produces a page in portrait mode.
I have already deleted the entire profile found on my MAC at
There was no difference before or after deleting the profile.
The same result shows on different machines with different printers while printing many different files.
The “Print Preview” works properly.
The “Print” dialog box (with details shown) shows a small preview in portrait mode (good) and a larger preview on the left rotated 90 degrees as if in landscape mode but with the same characters on each line as portrait mode.
This same bad version of landscape is what actually appears on the paper.

Edit: added tag “vanilla” (Lupp)

LibreOffice Vanilla is produced by Apple, and not by LO (as I understand these things). Consequently, you will most surely need to reach out to them.

We had some contributions already by @timar who called himself the maintainer of the LibreOffice Vanilla app. Maybe he will step in?

I am having this exact same problem, and I have not been able to resolve it.

Me too! Grrrrrr! Wasted hours!!!

Once upon a time you could “Save to PDF” and print from Mac preview. But the latest update broke that too. Oh, well.