Selecting, copying pasting text

I just installed LibreOffice and am trying to cut and paste both formatted and unformatted text by selecting it with my mouse, right-clicking to copy, moving to where I want to paste it and then right clicking to paste, but no option to paste is there. Nor does it appear in the drop down edit menu. This has been a very basic function of wordprocessing with a computer for many years, across all kinds of programs. Why doesn’t it work in LibreOffice? I use this function frequently in my writing, or did before LibreOffice… I don’t like the clunky control C, control V option, it will slow down my work! I sincerely hope there is a fix for this issue.

I am used to using the same method of copying ‘only the text’; up to now I have worked with Microsoft Windows XP and Office 2003. The method does not mean ‘without correction’, but it removes hyperlink or other text formatting and continues formatting as the former text. Now I use Ubuntu 12.04 with LibreOffice and I would very appreciate the possibility to use the ‘copying only the text’, too.
In the Word 2003 the method is chosen from a little pop-up menu after copying, the default is ‘copy with the source formatting’. I can imagine using eg. Ctrl-T instead of Ctrl-V for the method.
Tomas Peceny

I think you right click on a word which has been misspelled (has a red line below it). Misspelled words have their very own menu (and for a good reason). So you should try to right click somewhere without misspelled words or even on totally white area. Does this help?

If this did not solve your problem, then could you please elaborate on which version of LibreOffice do you use and on which operating system (Windows 7, Linux or something else). Also clearly stating which LibreOffice program do you use (Writer supposedly, but that’s just guessing), would help.

I notice that in LO the right click option to paste disappears after the document has been open for a while. Closing and re-opening the document fixes it. But if you cut and then can’t paste you lose your cut data if you have to close and re-open the document. What’s the problem here?