Selecting text sometimes grays out toolbars or says write-protected when try to delete

I am working on a document with track changes on. Sometimes, but not always, when I select text, many options get grayed out. This includes all items in the formatting toolbar and many in the standard toolbar. It seems to depend on which text is selected but I cannot determine the pattern. It happens with both .odt and .docx files.

When I try to delete some selected text in .docx file that has this issue (have not seen this in .odt file), an error message appears saying that “Write-protected text cannot be changed.”

I am running Windows 10 on a 64-bit computer with LO The document was written by someone else and sent to me in Word. There are no passwords.

Health Benefits Analysis junhee cc 9-9-17b.docx

I am attaching the file and a screenshot in case the problem can be replicated and someone can figure out what is going on.

(Edit: activated docx + screenshot -AK)

Unfortunately your file failed to be attached, only screenshot is available.

MS files have an ability to be protected forms (this is irrelevant to any password protection, see Options-LibreOffice Writer-Compatibility-Protect form)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking a look. Here is another attempt to attach the document. If it doesn’t go through this time, please advise if there is something I can do to make sending it more likely to work.

The protect form option is not chosen. I worked with the .docx file for hours before this problem arose so there must be permission to edit it. The problem does not always occur but seems to be related to selecting specific text.

I don’t see the doc again. You could upload the file to some external share, and post a link here.