Set Colors of Characters with Borders

I see how to add colors to character borders, but I’m not sure how to change the fill colors. It looks like the characters are always filled with white. Here is a picture of the settings page where I select “Outline”:

and here is how the document looks with “Outline” checked using red, blue, and black font color:

As you can see, the fill is always white. How do I adjust the fill color for the characters?

(Edit: activated screenshots -AK)

I would normally select the text, click Shape > Convert > To Curve, then I can change Area and Line to suit. The drawback is that it would no longer be text

Thank you very much.

Sorry, I wasn’t thinking clearly last night. Use Fontwork, Insert > Fontwork..., select the straight outline which is the top left on my installation, click OK.

You will see a word Fontwork in outline on your page, double-click on that, select the small text in the centre and replace it with your own, change the font face and size to suit. Drag the sides to change shape of letters, yellow dot to change slope of characters.

To change the black outline and the white fill just select the object so you get the normal handles, change the Area, Line and Shadow to suit. Cheers, Al


i like pictures guides, so here goes

  1. Open Insert → Fontwork…

  2. Select the “Simple” Element

  3. Change line color

    image description
  4. Change fill color

    image description

Hope that helps.

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