Show columns on formatted writer page

I suddenly am without lines on columned page in writer…the template appearing lines which help in visualizing composition of page, but do not show when printing

Maybe just menu View - Formatting Marks (the same that Ctrl+F10, or the Toggle Formatting Marks button [ ¶ ] in the toolbar).
Additionally, View - Text Boundaries also must be marked.

Or are you looking for the Separator line between columns?


I’m speaking of the very light blue lines and markers which denote columns. They are valuable for visualizing your layout to follow normal margins…

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If you mean this Boundary; you can turn this on and off in the View>Text Boundaries menu.
But the text boundaries are not printable.

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OP must be aware that any screen clues don’t print. Artefacts intended to print must be inserted explicitly. So, edit your question to describe what you want to be shown on the page. You can make a drawing with Draw to illustrate the case.

Thanks, I discovered text boundaries shortly after I posted my problem. Thanks for all the help…

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