Show the value from a list for the adjacent cell

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I need a function:
If a search string (not case sensitive) is contained in an array of cells, show the value from a cell in an adjacent array as the function result (adjacent to the cell of the search string).

Example file attached.
Examples paste fitting cell content.ods
Would be happy about the solution in the example file.
No macros please.

Blessings, Klaus

It can be done using VLOOKUP but you have to reformat your F column. In F column, keep only one item per row.

Then, in C3: =VLOOKUP(A3,F:H,2,0)
D3: =VLOOKUP(A3,F:H,3,0)

Drag the handle till your data exists.

It works fine when I use semicolon instead of comma

The solution file
Examples paste fitting cell content.ods