Site categories make no sense

When I go to post a new topic or question or comment about LibreOffice here, I’m required to choose a category, but none of them make sense. Like say I wanted to post something about Writer or Calc, there’s no category for those. The only ones are a bunch of different languages, most of which I can’t read. There’s nothing about different kinds of useful “topics” for LibreOffice posting.


Say I have a question about LibreOffice Draw or Base, where are the categories for those? Or say there’s a download/update issue, why aren’t there categories for that? Or about security? Or about source code contribution? The categories here are bizarre.

Just tag your question properly with writer or calc or draw or impress or base or math or common and others. People follow/watch tags they are interested in, Preferences → Notifications → Tags. You can mute language categories you don’t want to see, Preferences → Notifications → Categories.