[SOLVED] Fill blank cells with value from above

Does Calc has such special option as there is in Excel (Go to special)?

I want to do exactly the same thing as on this tutorial:

Fill Blank Cells in Excel With Value from Above

Or maybe there is a function for this?

You can done this with simple formula and Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste Special - Skip Empty Cells)


like that idea :slight_smile:

Great. It works. One more question. It looks like you automatically filled column D and E with function. What was it? A shortcut or just a video is cut?

It’s simple. Please note that in the video, the mouse cursor becomes a “cross”. This happens when you hover over the lower-right corner of the selected cell (bold square dot). Double-clicking in this position works like “fill down to the end of the range”. “End of range” is the end of a column of cells without gaps in the adjacent column (in the video it is column C)

Thank you very much.

And about your question. Yes, you can highlight blank cells in a range. This is very easy to do with a find regular expression ^$ (start of text - nothing - end of text). However, having received several selected ranges of empty cells, you will not be able to enter a formula in them in one motion. That is why I suggested using the formula in a free auxiliary range.