[Solved] Is it possible to have 2 sidebars in Writer document?

I was using them in previous LO versions 6.x and had L sidebar featuring Navigation and R featuring styles, but only 1 sidebar shows after update to LO 7.0.

Very useful in larger docs.

The sidebar is one and only, but the navigator and style panes can be detached and dragged to the desired location.

Using LibO V I can still dock the navigator and the stylist both at he same side, on differen sides, at top or at bottom. I’m not quite sure about the terminology insofar, but the panel the objects are displayed in, always look like a sidebar (“bottombar”…).
Dragging the mentioned objects as floating frames, you can even position both -one above the other- in the same sidepanel.
You may need to drag the floating frames with sensitivity till you get shown a positioning frame where you want to have it, and then to drop the object.

Just press F5 and then dock a Navigator to left side of your screen. And press F11 to open Styles on SIdebar on right side. Enjoy