Solved > macros not saving

I have several macros I use to format a writer document and have then assigned to shortcut keys. As far as I can tell all items are saved with the document. However. when I press the shortcut key combo the referenced macro is no longer found. I open the “edit macros” dialog and sure enough, no macros are there. Which begs the questions.
Office (x64) on Windoze 10

a) where are they?
b) how do I ensure that they are save WITH the document?

From your other question, you used .docx format. To save macros properly, use .odt format instead.

On another topic Macros are another issue.

Good idea to split this into two different questions, but as it turns out, the answer is the same for both.

Thank You, I have already converted to ODT and it does seem to work.

Interestingly enough, I thought I had tried that option early in the piece.

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