Some previous paragraph style settings remain in "next style" paragraph

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, when I was reading the Writer User Guide 7.1 (same in 7.2 or 7.3) and exercising those examples, I faced a curiosity situation.

I reproduced the instructions in Chapter 8, section “Example: creating and modifying paragraph styles”, sub-sections “Creating the Poem Heading style and Poem Heading style”. If you do the examples in a new blanket document, it works perfectly. But if you do in a previous filled document, whatever the position (start, middle or end) of it, the bold and font size settings, from “Poem Heading style” remain in the “Poem style”, after you hit Enter. I cleaned the direct formatting of all text in filled document. Even though, the problem remains.

I can click in the Poem style in the Sidebar and apply to the text. But, in this way, the function “Next Style”, located in “Organizer tab” from Heading Poem is meaningless.

The problem seems to appear after you save the file the first time.

Is it a software bug?
I’m using LO v7.6.3.2, in a POP_OS! 22.04 LTS.

Poem and Poem Heading.odt (8.9 KB)

Right, thanks for the suggestion.

I uploaded the odt file with a couple of Lorem ipsum paragraphs.

Some informations:

  • Clean direct formatting already done;
  • None styles were created inside the file. So, you must create as mentioned in User Guide.

Thanks for the help

@ajlittoz and @floris_v thank you very much for the answers. Now I understood the mechanism. As @floris_v mentioned, you must first write your text, apply the style and after that the function Next Style will work.

I thought that the Heading Poem style could be applied at beginning, start to type and after that Next Style will work.

I’m sorry for my bad words about the mechanism.

Thanks again for your time.

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Next Style property is a “dynamic” one. By that, I mean it takes effect only when you type your text. This Next Style attribute is a courtesy feature avoiding the need to manually change the paragraph style. It is activated at the time you hit Enter.

When you review your document changing styles here and there, this change covers only the designated paragraph style. Since you don’t hit Enter, you don’t activate the Next Style feature.

Similarly, if you split your paragraph with Enter, you get two paragraphs with the same style. You get the Next Style effect, only when Enter is added at end of paragraph.

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That mechanism is meant for use when entering text: when you press Enter, the Next style is set for the next paragraph. You type the text for the poem heading, apply the Poem heading style, add some more to that line, press Enter, and voilà, the style for the new paragraph is not Poem heading but Poem text.

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