Sorry! Can someone help to undelete a question?

Seems I accidentally deleted a question. I didn’t even suspect I had the power. The intention was to delete a comment of mine which was posted too rashly.

Might someone be able to restore the post (and 1 answer) concerning strange behaviour of spreadsheet documents during copy/paste procedures for many sheets into one.

@Lupp - YOU should be able to make an undelete. Do you remember the question? Have a look at our profile and YOUR activities. Good luck!

I do neither remember the number nor the exact wording of that question. I only can describe it’s subject with my own words: Unexpected results when copying from different sheets of a source (Calc) document and pasting into the same sheet of a newly created target document. Wasn’t yourself , ROSt52, who had already tried an answer? Way over my profile I cannot find a log of my comments.

OK, too rash again! I found Problem copying between spreadsheets . What to do now?

Seems someone did it (the undeleting). But I still do not know how, and I cannot imagine my awkward measures might have helped. I will have to study.

Indeed someone did the undelete! The more someone works, the higher is the chance that a mistake is made, I once was told that there a people who never make a mistake… You @Lupp do a pretty good job here!

I am the original poster. When returning to the forum, I could not find my post. I checked my posts (clicked on my name) and saw it was deleted. Being new here, I thought I committed a faux pas. Then I notice your post was deleted and I tried undeleting. It worked, but I still do not see my post in the forum.


I add this text to get the question flagged answered because I think it is answered and the deleted question is undeleted as well.

May it be that calling the thread anew with its full URL did the undelete?

The owner of the original question found it again and left a comment. Thus, there should be no problem anymore.