Sort individual records by rows

Hi all,
There is a question in the Português do Brasil category, that got me thinking.
Is it possible to sort text data alphabetically on individual records/lines?

T2 R11 > R11 T2
T3 E7 > E7 T3
R11 T2 > R11 T2

The result could be in a single cell; i.e., R11T2. The idea is to find similar records, for to supress them latter.


How you can approach you goal (find similar records) this way isn’t clear to me.
Anyway, the collection of textual results whether sorted or not in single cells is simple using TEXTJOIN() (V4.4 or higher.)
For the rowwise sorting Calc doesn’t supply a standard function, nor is there an interactive tool directly doing it. The Calc functions helping best with sorting in simple cvases are SMALL() and LARGE(), but they only work with numbers.
You will need to organize the process with the help of user code therefore, imo. Python supports sorting on arrays directly. At least when using Basic you will better rely on the API (XSortable).
A related question here was Sorting Question . You possibly find there something helping you. (I didn’t study everything posted by other contributors in detail at that time.)

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