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Some time ago Writer began permitting a dozen saved favorite special characters on the drop-down special character menu. Previously the maximum (I believe) was six. Now (8/10/19) the number appears to have been reduced again to six. I update whenever notified of a new version of Libre Office. I’m now running x64. This change in numbers of favorite special characters “appears” to have come in this most recent update ( x64), but I don’t know that for certain. I use the favorite special characters every day and really, really prefer and use the expanded number of favorites. Can anyone explain to me whether the true, up-to-date number of available special character favorites is six, or twelve, or whatever? And if it’s been reduced from twelve to six, can anyone inform me of the reason?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Version is 2.

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You can put it in Menu … see example file

You can put it in Menu … see example file
Here I put the menu in the file, for transport, but you can put in general in Writer, would be available for all files.

I created the macro with the macro recorder. ( use Win10+LibO6.3.0.4)

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On my system Linux-Mint En-GB system, I currently have 16 characters and could add more. I do not know what the Limit on my system for Insert Special Characters. Can you not ADD TO FAVOURITES, for more than 6? Have checked bugzilla? What operating system, language are you using?