special characters

I have a problem with some characters: One symptom: I paste a text from pdf in French language and the special characters are not displayed properly. Example: “la methode” -with the first e with an accent above that I can’t paste here, neither- becomes “la m.thode” when I paste it on my text document on libreoffice. I used another computer for a while with libreoffice on it and the same text could have been pasted correctly.

The second symptom: I can’t choose the format I want for inverted commas. I have only “” but not the ones in the form of hook.

Please better describe the symptom and your procedure. If you prefer, in case you’re French and are not fully fluent in English, ask your question on the French Q&A site

ı tried, thank you!

What are the differences between the computers? OS and LO versions please.

My computer LO OS Mac OS X 10.11

The one with which it works LO 6.1.03 OS Windows 10

+1 Good question, i.e. I bumped your score up here. Now you should be able to re-edit your question to include some screen shots to show us what you’re seeing. Thanks.

You may need to upgrade your LibreOffice to the current version.
There was a bug which was recently fixed which affected copy/paste from a PDF.
On my phone right now and don’t have the link.
But sounds like the same issue.

I cannot reproduce this. I attach a test file (produced using Windows 7/LO 6.0.6).

I cannot see what is wrong with the pasted copies, except that they need a little formatting to look their best.

Test file.odt