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For some reason the color I prefer as a background for documents (Blue 5) was eliminated in a recent update of L.O. I eventually found my way to an extension (L.O. 5.2 Color Palette), installed it, and - voila - my blue was back. Then something odd happened: My Windows 10 laptop didn’t awaken from sleep mode one day, and when I did a cold reboot, various customized settings for L.O. had disappeared; I had to tweak it from scratch. Among other things, this meant that my preferred color was gone, so I thought I’d have to reinstall the extension. But the extension was still there. It’s just that now Blue 5 wasn’t among the options - which I assume means that L.O. is no longer able to access the extension and serve up its additional colors. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, and restarting L.O. No help.

Any thoughts?

Did you already reset your LibreOffice user profile (This will require to reinstall your extension once more afterwards)?

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve never done anything with user profile, though. Is that really likely to be the problem here (given that I’m not seeing any other symptoms)?
Also, the page you linked to basically suggests restarting in safe mode to see if the issue disappears. But how would that help when I’m having trouble with an extension? Doesn’t safe mode strip off all extensions?

I want to approach from another angle. You can add the specific color (Blue 5) to custom palette. All you have to do is learn the RGB code of the color, or just bring the color to your screen in a way. Then open Draw, then just draw a shape, for instance a rectangle, then go to area settings, type RGB code of your color, or just use the pick tool, then add this color to custom palette. Then you can use this color across LO applications.

Thanks for this very interesting idea. In fact, the color I want is still on my other computer, where I’m running an older version of L.O. But how do I derive its RGB code? I see a way to create a custom code within Options–Application Colors but not a way to analyze one of the standard colors.

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To find the RGB code of a color: Open a color palette (could be from Font Color), select the desired color, re-open the color palette and press Custom Color… button. There you could take note of the Hex #: code, or Red:, Green:, Blue: values. (If you are working on the same machine, this has no sense.)

To set these color as Document background, choose menu Tools - Options… - LibreOffice - Application Colors, press the button next to Document background, press Custom Color… button, and type the Hex #: code, or Red:, Green:, Blue: values (or just pick a color that match your preferences in the big color area). By the way: Blue 5 Hex # is 000099.

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See more LibreOffice Help on Selecting a new color.

LibreOffice 5.2 color palette.

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