Spell check not responding

When I use spell check, Libre not responding, freezes. Have to close program and restart.
Bug in update?

The same issue is happening to me. Whenever I use “Ignore All” in spell check when there is two or more identical words in a sentence spell check freezes. “Ignore Once” and “Add to Dictionary” are totally fine. I don’t know if this is the same for you, but the “Ignore All” issue has been reported as a bug on Bugzilla, and yes, it has been happening since I updated earlier in the week.

I, too, have this problem and it drives me crazy. I type verbatim transcripts and frequently have instances of repeated words or utterances, such as “wh- wh- what”. In running a spell check the program will stop responding when I click “Ignore All” for the wh-. Windows will then close and I’ll have to restart LibreOffice and recover the documents. Is there any way to work around this? It’s impractical to add each individual utterance I come across to the dictionary. I also cannot ignore all as I do need to make sure I didn’t misspell something similar.

Same problem here, spell check and the program not responding. Have to close the program and start again. Does anyone have a fix to this bug?

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