split data or range into multiple worksheets

how i split selected range into multiple worksheets ?

Of course, this is done using a macro - there is no built-in function for this operation. On what basis are you going to split the range? By a fixed number of rows, by the value in the cells of one of the columns? How much range are you going to allocate for the split? You see? I wrote much more to your short question - why are you greedy and don’t give us enough information so that we can help you? Perhaps you are satisfied with such a solution.

I’m afraid: To get a useful answer you will need to tell much more precisely what you have and what you want to get.

i am so sory. i don know english very vell. so i cant express clearly. thaks

i look up as a function or macro code like this : ASAP Utilities for Excel - Sheets » Split the selected range into multiple worksheets... - ASAP Utilities, description of our Excel tools (English)

This is not quite the ASAP you referred to in the comment. To be precise, this is not an ASAP at all. This was written in 2012. The code is not very long, less than 200 lines. With some persistence, you can easily change it according to your needs.

Here we are not talking about the selected range, the values of the cells are not analyzed here. The program simply scans the first sheet of the specified file and creates the required number of files, each of which contains one sheet with the specified number of data rows.

C:\fakepath\Split Calc file into a new file every (n)th line.ods

first of all thank you for your answer. but icant run your file. i dont know macro. i am an acconuntant not a programmer. olso i find a macro code :
like this : https://www.excelhow.net/split-data-into-multiple-worksheets-based-on-column.html

but this macro has bugs.

i try to run it but it take error messege “Worksheet” is incorrect.

may be this code for excel only ???

If you don’t insist in selected area as “selected by mouseclick” you may use advanced filters and output the result to another sheet.

There is an old article in the wiki
and you may find lots more when you use google with

LibreOffice advanced filter