Spreadsheet doesn't display properly

After 2 months without a laptop, one of the first things I did on my new one was to download the newest LibreOffice (5.4.4). However, when I loaded up a spreadsheet from 3 months back from my external HD, it doesn’t display correctly (looks like a badly scanned version, slightly overlarge, and the edges are off the screen) and when I click on a cell it highlights one that is 2 rows above. So I uninstalled it and downloaded the previous version (5.3.7) and it looks the same. (http://prntscr.com/huon4w)
So then I went back to OpenOffice 4 (predecessor of LibreOffice) and it works perfectly in that. However, that doesn’t solve the problem, so I would appreciate any thoughts on how to get it to work correctly in LO. I am using Windows10 on an Asus laptop.


This worked for others, disable OpenGL. See answer in this post.

Thank you. I am sorry, but where do I find “Tools”? I don’t like the menu bars with just loads of icons, I really like the words they are much more useful.
I have also had a look at the Writer, the problem is the same there. When I hover the mouse over an icon, it actually looks at the one above it.

Use Alt + F12 to get to options screen.

Thank you so much, that fixed the problem.