Toolbar icons not showing up entirely and selection troubles

Somehow, on my system, I’m having problems selecting objects on LibreOffice. For instance, to select cell A1 in Calc, I have to point the mouse to A2 instead. Same thing for the icons on the toolbars, in which I have to point somewhat below them in order to select.

Here is a screenshot (mouse was hoovering over column “D”)


Possible related to that, toolbar icons are not showing up entirely on my display.

Have already tried installing an older version, portable app, and changing the icon size in options → view. Nothing helped. Any ideas on what I should do to sort this out?

Hello - Try disabling ‘Use OpenGL’. From menu Tools->Options then under LibreOffice->View.

It worked! Write it as an answer, so I can mark it as correct.

Hello - Try disabling ‘Use OpenGL’. From menu ‘Tools->Options’ then under ‘LibreOffice->View’.