spreadsheet opens in writer and not calc

I’m importing a spreadsheet from a donations recording system to create the right format to send to the tax authorities in UK. It has worked for the past ten years. This time the spreadsheet will only open with Writer. I’ve tried “open with” etc. The supplier of the donations system has checked that there are no bugs in his system. The charity I’m doing this for needs the money!

What is the file format and what is the file name extension? And did any or both change?

Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, share the problem file.

The imported spreadsheet is .xls and the format of the LibreOffice spreadsheet that I want to import it into is also .xls. when it tries to open with Writer it still has an .xls extension. I saw on this site similar problems occurred two or three years ago.

Apologies if I’ve breached protocols. I’ve never had to use this site before

The matter is that you need help. Thus, help us help you. That is what those guidelines are about.

Try Sheet → Insert Sheet from File → Select file & click Open → From (choose the relevant sheet here from the donations recording system’s spreadsheet - you can try each one one at a time).

Then select New Sheet under Sheet.

You can move the sheets around once they are inserted instead of messing with the other options on the pop-up. Also, you can change the name of the sheet like normal instead of during insertion.

gabix, I do not think that fiscal donations would likely be a problem file in which someone is willing to share.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll try that in conjunction with the developer of the donations recording system