Stay in directory when you open multiple files

When I ‘open a file’ or insert a picture’ or something, it always opens up nautilus in my home directory, lets me navigate to the file, and open it. If I want to insert three pictures all in the same directory, I have to navigate to the directory, open the first one, navigate to the directory, open the second one, navigate to the directory, open the third one.

This is really annoying.

Is there an option somewhere I can click, so when I navigate to the directory, open the first file and select ‘insert picture’ again it will open nautilus in the directory that I left it in? (Hope that makes sense).

I’m not sure if this is the right place to submit feature requests, but if there isn’t such a feature, can it be added? Also, does anybody else think this should be default behaviour?

Maybe this link can help:

I’m confused. I went to tools → options and there was no ‘LibreOffice - Open/Save’ dialog. There was Load/Save, but in none of the four submenus can I see anything which fixes the problem.

(I’m using on fedora 17 by the way)

Sorry, this was meant to be a comment on mariosv’s answer, but there is no comment button for that answer, and I don’t know what I’m doing.

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Yup - still clueless.