still no thumbnails in 3.6 - why?

Since new installation of Windows (switching from x86 Vista to x64 Seven) and changing 3.4 to the latest 3.6 i had no thumbnails on files, which worked flawless on Vista. Is that a common bug, lack of compatibility of LO and x64 Windows system or something completly different?

How can i get thumbnail previews on documents (ODT and OO XML)?

Seems to be a duplicate of Why do I not have thumbnails in windows explorer? - i’ve just posted a link to a solution working for me ans an answer there, but it’s quite difficult to implement… :expressionless:

Nope, it doesnt work for me. Such a pity that office suite which is considered as free alternative to MS Office cant keep a little stupid feature working correctly.

Hmm - works for me, so it seems it isn’t the fault of the office suite…