Stopping mouse scrolling to empty parts of page (Draw)

When scrolling in Draw using a mouse I found myself scrolling to an empty screen about 15 cm in high and 22 cm in width

Is there any way to stop moving to those annoying empty margins?

I uploaded an image for the unnecessary empty parts that appear after scrolling

How do I strict scrolling by the end of the white page?

Some keyboard shortcuts on the numberpad that might help navigation:
* Zoom to entire page
/ Zoom to selection

and of course

+ Zoom in
- Zoom out

As @Hrbrgr says, it is a useful place to park items for reuse

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* and / I didn’t know so far.
So I have taken it over. Thanks a lot for that.

Zoom functions under Windows

No, I am not aware of any way to limit the scroll area.

But please note that e.g. “Paste” inserted objects may “end up” outside your given slide.

Without the ability to scroll into the area outside the slide, you would not be able to find and edit the objects.

And you can temporarily “park” objects in the outer area while you draw.

75986 HB Stopping mouse scrolling to empty parts.odg (9,1 KB)